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BitCandy is the inimitable authority in alternative pop, indie and electronic music for it takes pride in the integrity of its own system. It is a radio and internet station/music filter that audaciously cuts through the pretenses of the industry hype and provides its listeners with a non-partisan lowdown of the freshest and most cutting edge tunes in the world of music. Through its hardworking team of experts and music fans, BitCandy meticulously screens songs from literally the nooks and crannies of the industry and separates the gems from trash, real talents from posers, in a straightforward yet acerbic manner—as it should be.

It’s the ultimate treasure trove of music as well as the premier station for personalized listening experience in radio and internet. Pandora Internet Radio is a music recommendation service that is head and shoulders above its competition in both scope and proficiency. Fueling this expansive musical gold mine is the equally impressive Music Genome Project—the most sophisticated music classification system in the business.

Deezer is a free music streaming company that is based in Paris, France. Originally known as Blogmusik, it underwent various transformations to accommodate the ever-changing demands of radio and internet music distribution while retaining the same business model that was founded on the concept of sustainability and equitability. Deezer prides itself on being the conscience of the struggling music industry; of having a business practice that rewards the hard work of the artists instead of leeching on their successes.

Live365 is a radio and internet station that is completely in tuned with its members’ personalities. Through its “DJ” membership option, users can start their own radio station and broadcast their personalized playlists in various media players such as Windows Media, ITunes, Winamp, RealOne and others. Live365 provides broadcast packages that are streamlined for its members’ preferences and needs at reasonable prices.