Deezer is a free music streaming company that is based in Paris, France. Originally known as Blogmusik, it underwent various transformations to accommodate the ever-changing demands of radio and internet music distribution while retaining the same business model that was founded on the concept of sustainability and equitability. Deezer prides itself on being the conscience of the struggling music industry; of having a business practice that rewards the hard work of the artists instead of leeching on their successes. It’s a fair and profitable free online music service that is uniquely Deezer’s–a far cry from most radio online stations that put monetary gains more than anything else. As of 2011, it has more than 20 million users with 6 million unique visitors per month. As a full-fledged radio station on internet, Deezer offers a premium package for £4.99/month and a premium+ package for £9.99/month that ultimately grants its members direct access to its boundless playlist. These packages were previously available only in France but the company has soon branched out to improve its services and made the features available in the UK as well. The site can also be accessed through Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad Touch, iPad etc. Deezer is an online music channel that embraces change especially if it’s for the better. After all, it is in the business of supporting music and making sure that it is justly compensated.

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