BitCandy is the inimitable authority in alternative pop, indie and electronic music for it takes pride in the integrity of its own system. It is a radio and internet station/music filter that audaciously cuts through the pretenses of the industry hype and provides its listeners with a non-partisan lowdown of the freshest and most cutting edge tunes in the world of music. Through its hardworking team of experts and music fans, BitCandy meticulously screens songs from literally the nooks and crannies of the industry and separates the gems from trash, real talents from posers, in a straightforward yet acerbic manner—as it should be.

Based in Los Angeles, California, BitCandy filters newly released materials from all over the world and carefully assorts them into their three substations namely BitCandy (The Filter for Modern Music), PopKiller (The Filter for Alternative Pop) and Curator (The Filter for Blogs). It isn’t just a place where non-conforming, free spirits enjoy their own brand of music; it also functions as a discovery and promotional site for indie musicians through its innovative “Curator” system. If that’s not cool enough, I don’t know what is.

BitCandy gives ordinary people a voice in an otherwise malevolent industry that’s rife in mind conditioning. Let’s not be mindless mainstream filter feeders like those lemmings from one of those appalling radio online stations. Become the filterers and advocates of real art like you’ve always wanted. Music is something to be enjoyed and not rammed down our throats by a “holier than thou” hype machine. Discover real music and be enlightened. Drop by BitCandy now!

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