Unlike other Radio Online Stations that customarily provide machine-generated musical selections, the Music Genome Project at Pandora Radio boasts a team of highly skilled and well-trained music analysts that painstakingly analyze/document each song in its almost limitless library. The result: A thoroughly engrossing personalized radio experience not found elsewhere. As if that isn’t good enough, Pandora Radio allows its users to create up to 100 unique stations that can be fine tuned according to their preferences, with a nifty feedback option for good measure. It is extensive as much as it is interactive; things that should be music to the ears to every curious music lover who hears it. With millions of tracks and a platform that can be accessed through mobile devices, smartphones, home computers, etc., Pandora lets you create and enjoy radio anyway and anytime you want it. Available only in the United States, it was named as one of the Hottest San Francisco companies in May of 2011 by Lead411. At Pandora Internet Radio, every listening experience is unique and worthwhile.

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