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Jango is a free radio and internet service that allows you to create your own station as fast as the time it takes to type your favorite artist. It’s that easy, no other questions asked.cialis The system then shows other users who share your taste in music. You can tune in to their stations if you want or they can drop by yours if they chose to. In Jango, listeners call the shots; not machines. Case in point: it has millions of active users who have created millions upon millions of customized radio online stations that are tailor-made for their musical tastes.

Find the groove that best illustrates your personality and share it with fellow online music buffs at It is an internationally available web-based music application that can only be described as a cross between radio and internet. It allows its users to search for, upload and stream music for free. Arguably the largest free streaming site in the world, it has more than 35 million registered users and blasts more than 100 to 110 million songs per month. Through its highly functional recommendation system known as “Grooveshark Radio”, users can reject or accept a proposed list of songs via the “happy face” or “sad face” icon.

Get connected with the coolest like-minded listeners and be updated with the hippest music festivals and concerts by simply listening to your favorite songs at–the premiere radio and internet station of this generation. It’s a music recommendation service that’s so revolutionary it even invented a new phrase to describe its software–”The Scrobbler”. “The Scrobbler” is a software that helps listeners discover new music through the songs they play. What it

For every facet of life, there’s music along with radio and internet stations that perfectly articulate its significance. For unlimited musical possibilities; there’s MOG Inc.—a music media company that focuses on the importance of a seamless and unrestrained listening experience for its subscribers. With over a million albums and 11 million songs available via Android and iPhone apps, over the internet and even on TV through its Roku channel; everyone is assured of unrivaled service each time.