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In November 2007, NPR Music was launched as a radio and internet side project venture by National Public Radio, a non-profit, privately and publicly funded media organization. Since then, it has become a full-fledged music discovery website that offers Rock/Pop/Folk, Classical, Jazz & Blues, Hip Hop/R&B and World Music as well as podcasts, live concert webcasts, music news, reviews and interviews from NPR and other affiliate public radio online stations around the country.

Radio Paradise
Discover an eclectic and commercial-free radio and internet experience with Its diverse collection of songs that include but are not limited to modern and classic rock, electronica, indie, 80s, classical, jazz, and world music are carefully handpicked by two real human beings to contrive a congenial musical sensibility that make sense rhythmically, lyrically, and harmonically. It is an uninterrupted radio experience that underscores the value of each tune’s thematic relevance as opposed to conventional radio online stations that plainly rely on machine-generated programming. Radio Paradise streams are available in HE-AAC (AAC+), MP3, WMA and RealAudio in different bitrates. It can be accessed through SHOUTcast, ”Cool Streams” playlist, ITunes etc. and comes with cool HD images that accentuate its excellent audio

Sirius XM
Experience radio and internet like you’ve never heard of before with Sirius XM Radio Inc.–the ultimate source of everything radio related and beyond. It provides more than 135 commercial-free channels to more than 20 million subscribers and broadcasts virtually everything and anything under the sun. From music to news, to sports and entertainment, to talk, weather or traffic; you name it, they have it and then some. Its impressive content transcends genre and influence as it is the home of the self-proclaimed “King of all media” and shock jock extraordinaire Howard Stern and the most powerful woman in the world, Oprah for payday Other notable personalities featured in SiriusXM are Martha Stewart, Barbara Walters, Jamie Foxx, Rosie O’Donnell, The Grateful Dead, Willie Nelson, among others. It is also the official satellite radio

For conventional radio and internet entertainment with a modern twist, try Slacker Personal Radio. It’s an online radio station that has embraced the ways of 21st century music sharing while upholding the rich history of traditional radio programming. Be taken by its pre-programmed stations arranged by professional DJs according to specialty, genre and artists just like the good old days or be in control of what you’re listening to by simply rating your favorite songs or banning those that don’t spark your interest.