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Soma FM
The ultimate source for ambient underground tunes; epitomizes the nonconformist approach in radio and internet programming through its dissident playlist. With over 18 uniquely programmed channels that provide unconventional musical choices like underground electronica, chillout, ambient groove, lounge, downtempo beats and space music to indie pop, dark brooding industrial ambient music, dark rock and many more defiant choices; SomaFM has redefined the concept of chill out alternative commercial-free musical experience not typically found in other radio online stations. It also features 2 annual holiday channels and others still in the works that would surely titillate the discordant ears of every nonconforming music enthusiast.

Songza is a radio and internet station that completely understands the human aspect of music listening and sharing. Aside from providing free service, it grants its listeners the freedom to create and choose stations that best describe their personalities and emotions at any given time. It’s the ultimate soundtrack machine, music search engine and internet jukebox for the senses. Unlike other online streaming

Channel your inner DJ while interacting with your online friends at It’s the newest craze in social media,radio and internet that allows members to create their own virtual rooms where they can play their collection of songs to a virtual crowd. Listeners on the other hand are given the option to play music pundits and rank the users’ DJ skills through the “lame” and “awesome” button. Users who entertain their virtual crowd rack up DJ points which are then attached–along with their number of fans– to their respective Turntable avatars. However, if enough people clicked “lame”, the DJ gig stops and another member steps in to fill the spot. Additionally, features a text interface on the right side of the screen wher

It’s an adult album alternative (AAA), non-commercial public radio and internet station that has a penchant for sophisticated indie and avant-garde programming. WXPN provides quality alternative listening experience without the mainstream drivel. It chiefly produces majority of its weekday programs with a little bit of nationally syndicated shows for good measure. While it offers a great selection of songs from alternative country, indie, alternative rock, blues, jazz, folk and world music genres; it is best known for producing outstanding shows such as World Café and Kids Corner. World Café turns 20 this year and is hosted by David Dye. It presents high –quality live sessions and interviews from